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Thanks Kendall – glad you had a nice few days and banana pudding sounds amazing!

And thank you too C1957. It does help to read back on things and also remember my stronger days when I am feeling low.

I really love the support from our group, it really does get me through the difficult days.

I do feel hopeful my SO means what he says when he says he does recognize his habits and how it affects me and wants to change. Maybe he doesn’t know how to and because I don’t understand how difficult it must be from the inside to make a change when it is difficult already even without ADHD, I can’t make useful suggestions.

I don’t think he’s insincere in his wish to change and we love each other very much. I don’t think the rollercoaster is as bad as it was a year ago for example. I guess I need to be patient. It is all moving in the right direction.

I just worry, getting to a certain age now and thinking about kids and wondering if I can cope if I add them into the mix. It can get overwhelming.

Thank you for being there for me x