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Boomer…. Very sorry for this late response. I have begun the Transendental Meditation program (TM) with my daughter for the past 4 days. You should really take a look into the website. Many CEOs, hollywood (not that I’m influenced at all by hollywood), Veterans with PTSD and many college age and high school students have benefited from this meditation. I researched after seeing it on Good Morning America and during their segment there was a mention of ADHD kids and adults who had benefited from it. We have had a great experience. Actually see some very faint results within the four day program. Tonight was our last class and my daughter is willing to try this meditation because she finds that within four days she has found clarity and more focus in class. We will see.
My email is Please at any time reach out. I would love to communicate with another mom who understands me. Thank you again for responding to me. Happy Thanksgiving.