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Hey, I’m Kendall, nice to meet you!

This could absolutely be ADHD. I’m speaking as a person with ADHD, a young 19 year old, but a person with ADHD nonetheless.
Everything you mentioned could be a manifestation of ADHD. You’ll have to take him to get diagnosed to be sure, whether he likes it or not.
The overarching quickness to anger is the lack of emotional regulation/immaturity that comes with ADHD. Combined with the high sensitivity to external things such as loud noise from the kids. This means overall he’s HIGHLY sensitive to other people’s feelings.
Let me explain this one: I know it doesn’t seem like he cares about his family’s feelings from what you’ve mentioned. However, let me assure you he does, or he’s CAPABLE of it. ADHD brings with it a level of empathy, compassion & understanding that someone WITHOUT ADHD cannot match.
He cannot do more than one EXTENSIVE task at once (asking us to hold a conversation with you, while working on something is VERY DIFFICULT) So when he says he can’t focus, he just may be right.
Sitting still in the movies (while I can do that for the most part) is due to ADHD’s hyperactivity. If I sit still however, I get immersed in whatever I’m watching (which takes away my attention). This is a trade-off as to why we can’t do more than 2 things at once (we can’t focus enough on both).

This is as much as I can give for now since I’m finishing up a project, but I’ll probably be here tomorrow.

Let me know if you have anymore questions, I’ll be happy to help.
-Kendall Boults Jr.