Reply To: Adderall IR vs. Extended release?


Hello, I am probably a lot older than anyone on here but anyway, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD when I was 31, and I am so glad I was, because of am sure like all of you, I have struggled with everything, just going to the store was a 2 to 3 hour chore, even though it would take someone without ADHD like 20 minutes, I was always late or running behind and even reading was a chore, I would have to read the same paragraph 3 or more times,just to remember what it said, and tit really effected my job, as a manager. But once I found the right medication for me, all of that became just a bad memory, and of course, like many of you, I have had to change the dose, or change the medicine, and I had started with the immediate release addy’s as well, but I found that the extended release vyvanse has worked a lot better than the addy ir, but after taking it for a couple of years, I started to notice that it is great for quite a while, but it wasn’t lasting long enough, so I talked to my psychiatrist about it and she suggested that I keep taking the vyvanse in the morning, but to also add a immediate release addy, when I felt that I needed it later in the day, but not to late or it could keep me from being able to go to sleep on time, and not to soon or it could keep it from working when I really needed it to. So I take it about 8 hours after I take my vyvanse, and it has really worked out well for me. And I have to say that I really have liked the vyvanse, better than the Adderall extended release, I get better focus and less of the procrastination, and I’m not as easily distracted. I do still have some days that I feel like it isn’t working as well, but it also depends on the things we do, or by the foods that we eat, or the other medications we take, even vitamins and herbs or any other supplements we take, can really effect the way it works, even if you take an antacid, it can effect it. And I know how you feel about the pharmacy having an attitude about your medications, I even decided to change the pharmacy that I was going to because of them judging me, but don’t let it bug you, we didn’t ask for ADHD, we were just born with it, and it has to be treated, just as you would take antibiotics to get better. And its not for them to judge, because no one is completely innocent, and those who judge others are usually doing something way worse. Besides we are not doing anything wrong.