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Boomer…. thank you so much for your response. It’s nice to know (which sounds wierd because I really don’t want to see another child going through this) to know we’re not alone. My daughter has lied also (basically made up stories) and as she had pushed friends away she too will ask over and over “why don’t you like me, etc”. This is so not easy. I do see a slow process in her maturity and have been told by counselors this is normal for ADHD kids to mature slower. It’s a struggle and sometimes exhausting staying on top of her but we believe it will work out. It’s just hard to watch her. You know, it breaks our heart . My son was so different and boys aren’t really into drama. He is now 21 and in college.
She is doing well in school. Good grades, teachers love her. Well behaved and a polite student. Loves to volunteer when the school needs help. She is actually on the school Helping Community, an assistant dance teacher at dance and a member of the dance team which dances in nursing homes and other community involvement. She dances 3 days a week and so far hasn’t pushed anyone away at dance.
Well again thank you. You have helped us feel better. We live in Massachusetts if by chance you live nearby it would be great to meet and talk. Not many parents understand this. If not, I wish you and your daughter well. 😊