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Our 15yo daughter is a Freshman, but emotionally more 7th grade. She too began to lose close friends a couple of years ago as her girlfriends matured more quickly.
Our biggest concern has been self created drama ie telling friends she feels suicidal because her homelife is horrible with yelling parents etc. Reality is our homelife is quite peaceful for the most part. We’ve taken her to a behavioral specialist in ADD who is unconcerned about the suicide talk and notes, saying many kids see suicide talk as the latest trend and want to jump on the bandwagon. I’ve had to be in uncomfortable talks with parents when their daughters express concerns about our daughters talk. The reality is she doesn’t exhibit any other suicidal tendencies, she is not withdrawn, keeps up with school work, has many casual friends. Like you, we wish she would be able to develop some close relationships. It has been sad hearing her talk to former friends, wanting answers as to why they no longer want to hang out with her. We do see slow improvement in maturity. I wanted to answer you to let you know your daughter isn’t the only one going through this. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job talking to her and explaining consequences for “making things up”. Most of the time we get the “I don’t know” answer too.