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Be gentle with yourself. Getting a diagnosis is only the first step. Things do get better from here. 🙂

Don’t feel the pressure to make any radical changes right this minute. It is wonderful that you recognize that you are not passionate about your job and that you want to do something that has more meaning for you. Some people live their whole lives without that much self-awareness.

Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers today. You just received life-changing news. give yourself some time to come to terms with your emotions. Sadness, anger, resentment, these are normal, and you’re not alone. A good therapist can give you space to deal with the mess ADHD has made before making any big decisions. Besides, new and exciting things can be great! But if we bring our messy lives into them, they tend to continue being a mess. Best to deal with the mess before moving on, I say.

Practice self-care. One of the most crucial parts of learning to live happily with ADHD is learning to love yourself for who you are, right now, ADHD and all. Journal, take walks, exercise, baths, tea, play with a pet, spend quality time in meaningful relationships, create, make lots of space and time for you to do things that are relaxing and that you enjoy. Your brain need space to process it all. Your ADHD doesn’t change who you are. It explains why you do the things you do and why some things are such a struggle. Now that you know, you can begin learning tools to ease some of the struggle.

You have some great advice in the replies above. Medicine can be tricky, so being honest and quick to communicate with your doctor can help you find what works for you. If it’s not working, let them know so you can try something else and start feeling better.

Edward M. Hallowell is an ADHD genius. His works are so helpful, inspiring, and educational (without being boring). Some of his books and speeches are on youtube. These are a great resource when you’re feeling down on yourself. He’s so positive. He has a wonderful perspective on ADHD and is so good at empowering others.

Focus on the little habits you can incorporate into your life to help you be successful with what’s already on your plate before you add more or unfamiliar experiences. Baby steps, like in What About Bob. 🙂 Like, finding an enjoyable means of exercise, getting enough sleep (hugely important!), and managing time and stress. When you feel more comfortable with these things, explore what bigger changes you’d like to make, like job and school. You’ll be better prepared to face the new challenges, because you’ll already have the tools you need to be successful. One thing at a time.

You can make changes to make your life more enjoyable, and you can succeed. You can find a job that you enjoy and can be successful at, and you can finish school. Just give yourself time. ADHD tends to make us feel like everything is urgent, leaving us impatient. Meanwhile, it also forces us to take a little longer to figure things out. I’m finding that that’s okay, because when you do figure it out, you’ll be unstoppable. 🙂

Best of luck to you, friend. <3