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I was on adderall 20mg IR 2/day for 4 years, then I had my son and was off of all medications for the pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I then started school again, and needed medication for my ADHD, MDD, and GAD. I started off with zoloft 50mg and Adderall 20mg, I started having worse symptoms of my ADHD and anxiety after a few months, I did the genesight testing and found out I have a gene-drug interaction with zoloft and an enzyme deficiency which was making the adderall ineffective. I ending up switching to Viibryd 40 mg and Vyvanse 30mg. I have never felt so sick to my stomach in my life. I didnt take the vyvanse today, and I did much better. I have been trying to get my doctor to switch me back to the adderall but I don’t think she is taking my side effects seriously, and told me just to eat before I take it (which I do). So I may need to find a new provider… my suggestion for finding the right combination for yourself would be to get the genesight testing done, and try whatever your genetics suggest.