Reply To: Vyvanse & Focalin


Not sure how active this thread is, but I did want to talk about my ADHD history coming from a 18 year old. I have been on and off ADHD meds for probably 1-12 years now. I started off with concerta as a kid in grade school, and it worked at the time, by the time I was in middle school I was trying to ween off of ADHD meds and did for a while, but my grades where bad so I started taking 15mg adderall xr I believe and it worked fine but I would always get glittery or feel off. So moved onto vyvance by the time high school rolled around. Vyvance is great for weight loss for sure, but all these amphetamines can easily be addictive especially when you are taking them daily and you don’t notice, you don’t realise how hard it gets until you think you don’t need it anymore and you can just stop taking it, nope. Took e probably 3 months to get off of vyvance without feeling like you cant think without it. Glad I am off of amphetamines, and think children shouldn’t be around them unless it is just impossible to concentrate, it is just takes a little more self discipline and some practice to keep focused, Just thought someone would find this helpful. Mainly just hearing from someone with ADHD med experience, it is scary when you come off of vyvance or adderall because you feel like you don’t need anymore it but come to realise it is harder than you think because your brain is so used to that morning “boost”. Stay safe and keep happy happy yall.