Reply To: Concerta in 2018


We’ve been using the Actavis generic brand for our kids for several years. I went to refill our prescriptions yesterday and after visits/calls to 6 different pharmacies, all said they do not carry the Actavis generic. They only carry Trigen and Amneal. I by chance went to a different Walgreens and the pharmacist said that although they may have a contract with a specific generic brand, they could sill special order Actavis if they didn’t have it. They had the 27 mg in stock so I was able to get that filled last night. They ordered the 36mg and it will be ready tomorrow. I explained to the pharmacist that no other pharmacy I had contacted offered that or gave me this option. He said next time I need to refill, just ask them to special order the Actavis brand/generic.