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Our psychiatrist prescribed deplin(L-Methylfolate) for this issue. We tried after school boosters but it was just more medication in my mind, and didn’t seem to work(maybe we will need them as he gets older-has a job, HS level homework…). I read about it and was giving him 1-2mg per day but it did nothing for him. Found out from our psych that bc of his specific chemistry, he needed more. My 2 younger children, also ADHD(yeah! Full house!), take Pure brand Folate 500, and it’s probably all they need. How much you need, or whether it would work, depends on your brains ability to process ….folate? Ummm. I’m probably butchering that, I’m not a chemist or a doctor. I’m sure someone else reading this can clarify my misinformation. But what I can say is it worked for us. So does taking Vayarin. That’s our magic mix, and so far so good. Good luck to you!