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I do it on an almost a daily basis. This is partially because my job (as a school counselor) requires a heavy load of clerical work and data entry – which of course, I am really, seriously bad at. However, I cannot afford to miss a deadline (I have lots of those), or turn in incorrect or shoddy work. Thus, I spend a tremendous about of time, just keeping up with the clerical and data portion of my job. During school hours, my data work is frequently interrupted by the need to work with students, parents, or teachers – it is a little sad to me that the activities that made me want to be a counselor are considered interruptions. The result is that I frequently stay at work until at least 7:30 p.m. (not unusual at all) or even later. I am a little bit better at leaving my desk (to at least visit the restroom) after the students have gone home for the day. But eating is just a luxury I rarely afford myself. I do try to keep beef jerky or almonds on hand, so at least some of the time, I do get a little nourishment.

But, this is just the norm for me. The thing that bothers me most though is that at times, my husband calls and asked me to meet him somewhere for supper or just to tell me he is home. I usually say that I have just one more thing to finish then I will be on my way. But more than once, I have totally lost track of time. I think that 10 minutes have passed – only to be faced with the reality that is was actually an hour or more.

I find the most baffling. When I am in a relaxed state – not hyper-focused – I am pretty good at estimating the amount of time that may have passed between events. But when I am focused on clerical-type work, that for me, requires massive amounts of concentration, my time meter is nothing short of useless and possibly damaging.

Fortunately, my husband is the most gentle, patient, and understanding man I have ever known. And yet, when this occurs I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I would love to get a hold of some cure or even one more intervention to try for this. If you have something that has worked for you – I’d love to hear it.