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Don’t get me wrong drugs are not a quick fix and not right for everyone but it is another option in your toolbox if you get diagnosed.
Before I had a diagnosis I worked with a therapist for a year with ADHD as our sort of ‘working theory’ and I think this set me up well for when I did eventually try medicine. There are heaps of really good strategies online and organisational/lifestyle stuff that is really important and helpful. Also just understanding how an ADHD brain works and becoming more aware of when you are better/worse and not sort of expecting to hold your brain to the same standards as a neurotypical brain – finding your work-arounds, celebrating your ‘hyper-focus’ occasions etc. will probably be beneficial – even if you have not received an official diagnosis (even if you don’t have ADHD they are good).
For me, the diagnosis alleviated some of my anxiety around my perceived failing to achieve like those around me – but that is of course just the worrier in me but hey! whatever gets you by!
Good luck Ryan!