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Hi, my son asked the same question because he feels like an outcast all the time. He thought that finding some of those great traits would help him fit in. It took a long time and it was completely accidental, but he found his thing – drums!
We thought getting him to run track would help keep him focused, but he absolutely hated running. Hated it. When I dropped my daughter off at her keyboard lessons one night, he mentioned that he might like to try the drums. He found himself drumming all the time anyway; on his desk, his legs, anything nearby. We gave it a try and it was the most natural thing for him. We bought him an electronic drum set that requires headphones to hear them, so we are not blasted out of the house every time he is on them. He hooks his phone up to them and plays along with his favorite songs. He has played in local clubs with his band and got his senior pictures taken with his drumsticks. He is on them at least once a day, sometimes twice.
While he loves to draw and is constantly purchasing legos, not for the structures that they’re supposed to create, but for the parts he sees on the box, that he needs for his own creations, drums have become his outward escape. The drawing and building are his internal peace.
You don’t have to be an artist or a musician to benefit from the ADHD traits. You just have to be open to ideas that interest an intrigue you. My personal trainer also has ADHD and she became an EMT. She’s now a registered nurse and is leaving on Friday for the Air National Guard. One of the most positive traits of someone with ADHD is the ability to work well in chaotic situations. Maybe that’s you. Don’t get down on yourself if you need more time to find your thing. Just keep an open mind and it will find you.