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There are things that you can do other than try a different medication. Exercise & diet regulation are 2 key factors that could be influencing your son’s hyperactivity. Many individuals with hyperactivity require more exercise in or to get they hyperactivity out of their systems for a time being. If he hyper when he should be doing homework then perhaps you could purchase a bouncy chair so that he is still moving but also being productive. Another option are toys specifically designed for indivials who need to fidget in order to pay attention. Another avenue to consider is your son’s diet. For example, rerefined sugars, artificial colors & flavors especially red dye 40 are known for causing hyperactivity & many other ADHD symptoms. It may be a good idea to eliminate these items from his diet if at all possible. Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t look into changing his medication, just that it is better to take a more wholistic approach when dealing with situations such as these. There have been many studies that link food intake with ADHD symptoms. There are a few books that I highly recommend: 1.) Driven to Distraction by Edward Hallowell M.D. 2.) Healing ADD by Dr. Amen. Dr. Amen’s book explains that there several different types of ADD & that certain types require certain medications in order to effectively work. This book is based off of the 72,000+ brain scans that he has done with SPECT. Without going into the whole thing I would highly recommend both of these books because they are both written by doctors who have experience in his field & that there research is backed up by several empirical studies. I hope this helps you, because it has certainly helped me! Good luck!