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There is NO drug to fix this. Only chemicals to help YOU manage. You will still feel emotions and fear. You will still need to face fears.

Your pain is real.

Your mother probably does understand Becuase ADHD runs in families. She probably has had to learn how to handle her own emotions.

I am 47. I have ALWAYS had ADHD. No one knew it was a thing when i was little. So i was labeled “special” and abused by my own family.

I have not had medication for adhd. I even DENIED it was real because every time i read symptoms i just thought “thats life”… It was not until 2 months ago that i was diagnosed SEVERE ADHD. I couldnt even believe it. I always just thought i was a total ding dong and that everyone was right. I am just a stupid waste. I spent my life abusing myself by repeating everything they said to me.

I have had NO CHOICE but to learn how to hold back else it came with beatings. I left abuse 8 months ago.

Im actually quite good at stoicism at my age. When i was younger not so much. I blew off like a firecracker.

Again… Don’t discredit mom when she says she understands. She just had to deal with life differently and has had many more years of practice.

If you are looking for an easy quick fix… There is NOT ONE. A pill is not going to fix this. Its a neurologic disorder. Your brain literally is different. But its not incapable of learning a new thing. Its NOT EASY with ADHD to learn. But we do and can learn.

The key is do you want to take the hard road and move forward in life or stay on the circular path doing the same things?

For me… Im ready to get off this tired circle train. Its hard as heck. Im making myself go to therapy. Just leaving the house to go takes every bit of who i am. I have agoraphobia OCD C-PTSD and ADHD… So yeah i actually do relate to your frustrations.

I want to try as hard as i can to fix my heart pains so my head pains can relax.