Reply To: L theanine


Assuming you meant ADHD, as im unfamiliar with that acronym (but please lmk if im wrong!): I use coffee and L-theanine. I have a hard time determining if supplements make a noticeable impact (not great at self monitoring and noticing subtle changes). I imagine the L-theanine might help take some of the caffeine edge off if you over-caffeinate. I still find RX stimulants far more effective than caffeine, myself, after yeeeeaaars of drinking PLENTY of caffeine with no real positive impact on productivity. That’s likely with a caffeine addiction/tolerance though, which to my understanding puts you at BELOW baseline for energy/focus so that caffeine is only bringing you to the baseline you would be at if you weren’t addicted to caffeine…and you require MORE and MORE to have a true stim effect. I understand Adderall and other RX stims may be like this as well but after a year of using them, I have not noticed a tolerance (but I have noticed cycle-related efficacy discrepancies and such).