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I don’t have bipolar, so I don’t know what it’s like balancing meds like that, but it sounds like a total nightmare.

What kind of non-medical stuff have you tried? I’ve always wanted to go with medicine as a more concrete solution, but it’s never worked super well for me. At this point I’m of the opinion that, while ADHD makes certain things inherently difficult, practice can shift things. Specifically, I’ve been trying to practice “mindfulness”, and over the past year I think it’s helped a lot. Being aware of the progress I’ve made has been a struggle in itself, but it’s definitely made a difference.

People talk about exercise for mood a lot, too. It can be really hard to make the time or find the energy for that, but if you’re able, it could be worth looking into.

If you really want a medicine-like solution, and you’re not worried about cost, maybe you could look into neurofeedback? I mean, it costs thousands, and insurance probably doesn’t cover it, and some people seem to be skeptical about it, but I’ve been thinking seriously about trying it.