Reply To: Acting out and feeling bad


Very much can relate to you. It’s demoralizing when I get so worked up that I just shut down after making a mistake. I don’t act it out, but it shows in my facial expressions and body language. I’ve had moments with my parents where I felt like nothing because I had messed up so bad. It still happens now & I’m 19, but I’m learning to manage & talk through my emotions, instead of letting them take control.

It’s not easy dealing with ADHD, and it can seem as though, to others, that the negative moments that we have are a reflection of who we truly are. Why? Because ADHD affects the exact traits that deal with behavior regulation. Self-control, impulsivity, hypersensitivity, unawareness in social situations, all of these when presented to others contributes to low self-esteem (for me at least).

So no you aren’t alone in your struggle, I’m here with you also.
-Kendall Boults Jr.