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Hey Dear! You’re definitely not alone. I have one child and struggle every day to get him to school and myself to work on time. I used to have a mountain of laundry and dishes and I was constantly playing catch up with basic household chores.

The only thing that helped me was writing up a daily/hourly agenda for myself and my child(6:00am- Wake up and brush teeth). I also have a weekly schedule which lists the household chores. For example, Wednesday is Bathroom day, Friday is when I deep clean the kitchen and Saturday is laundry day for blankets and towels etc. I have copies posted on the bedroom doors, in my phone, and on my bulletin board. It may seem a little excessive, but it really helped me get it together and my son loves being on a schedule.

The best advice I can give for meals, is MEAL PREP. I dedicate a few hours on Sundays to buy, prep, and freeze meals for the week. As a working, single mother on a budget, meal prepping was a little intimidating at first. Once I got it down, I ended up saving money and eating a lot healthier. Also, crock pot meals have saved my life. Don’t make it complicated. Pick a meat, veggie, and a carb. You got this!

Getting organized will take time. Master one task a day. If you focus on everything you have to do all at once you’ll become overwhelmed and end up not doing anything! Have a designated area to put papers and dedicate 1 hour a week to go through them. This week I mastered putting my keys on the key holder as soon as I get home. It’s such a simple task, but I used to lose my keys and have a freak out almost every morning looking for them.

Also, time management is key. Getting a wall clock has helped me out tremendously. I’m constantly checking the clock to ensure I stay on task. I had to designate a special area to put my phone in when I get home from work. Doing this keeps me from getting lost on my phone while surfing the web and checking social media. Its amazing how much time you waste looking at your phone and how many special moments you miss out on with the kiddos. Its quite sad to be honest.

Getting a routine down isn’t going to happen over night so don’t get discouraged. Start by making one small change a day or week. For example, wake up and take a shower at the same time every day. Or, limit yourself to phone use only after your kids are asleep. You got this mom!

* I apologize for my improper writing style lol *