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I’m just newly diagnosed (although knew full well I was ADHD from my son’s diagnosis a year ago). and just today started 10mg of dexamphetamine – I’m not liking it. For someone like me that never drinks coffee or coca cola because of the jittery effect, dex is feeling pretty gross. I feel drugged and hyper and I don’t like it.

I was taking L-tyrosine from Thorne Research which helped me deal with the stress of complaining kids really well, but I still had brain fog and felt I’d never achieve my potential.

I don’t want to take dex again. So I’d be keen to try other things. Apparently in Israel they’ve found a treatment that is very new and natural – so new they’re not even saying what it is yet.

My son is doing well on short acting 10mg ritalin twice a day but is a struggle without it and can’t learn , and being ADHD myself, I can’t keep calm all that well with him! I would like an alternative for him too