Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


I’m 20 and just got diagnosed with adhd. I’ve been diagnosed with multiple forms of depression, PTSD,anxiety,and a lot of other things before but no one caught the ADHD because most people are highly misinformed on it. A lot of other things are nearly identical as well (such as ptsd). My current therapist is great and actually make me feel comfortable enough to talk to her openly. When I went to my drs they scheduled me with a nurse practitioner who commonly fills in and she didnt listen to a word I said. “Its a disease only young kids get. You’ve never been diagnosed before so you cant have it” when I demanded to talk to my actual dr who’s treated me since birth she went “Holy S*** that makes so much sense!!!” Yeah that’s what I thought too when my therapist described it and how it screwed my childhood.

Personally I think the best thing you can do is go to a therapist that specializes in adhd first.They will be able to help you get on meds. If you need them and learn effective ways to manage your life.

If you need help finding one call your insurance company directly and ask.

I cant remember the technical names but generally theres ones who do talk therapy and ones who can prescribe meds. You want to go to one and get a proper diagnosed first. Medicine is never a fix all and IMO you should always be in talk therapy before and right when you start meds. Most drs want to get people in and out while therapists have a scheduled time to sit down and help you (usually for an hour once or twice a week).