Reply To: Just got diagnosed. Now what.


Hi Baboo,
I too was 43 when I was first diagnosed. My depression cleared up because it was a reaction to my permanent frustration with my lack of self-control my whole life. Together with my p-doc the first step (to your question „what next?“ was to stop anti-depressants and start stimulants.
I feel great. Relieved to finslly have an explanation, to finally be more socially competence, to not screw up do much snymore.
I wanted everyone zo know, it wasn‘t -me- who was defective, it was my brain.
I tried to educate the importsnt people in my life. That was a mistake. Sounds like you are getting a similar reaction with „get over it“.
The truth hurts, no one wants the details of your illness.
You csn now live your best life, free from daily f-ups. Look forward to that.
I‘m 54 now. The past 10 years were good, not easy but better thsn the ones before.
All the best to you