Reply To: High Dosage /DOE


Hello there.. i’m from Brasil and i suffer so much with this disorder. I have that type of ADHD that needs constant stimulation to see ANY join in life.

Well, the tip i can give you is: If you decide to talk to your doc. about the dosages you REALLY need, you must make it clear that you know how often people use to abuse this kind of medication, and that you know psychiatrics must be (and are) very caution with their patients.

After you put it all out in front of him, tell him you want to make an exam that shows your metabolic rate to medications as vyvanse and antidepressants.

This exam exists, my doctor asked me to do it and i’m going to do it as soon as possible.

I dont remember the name of the exam but the word “genetic” makes part of the name.

Do some research about this kind of exam, maybe this is your escape off this hell.