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Well I feel my life would be very different now, if I had been diagnosed and medicated in grade school.
To be blunt, with exception for college professors, with my experiences in grade and high school, I have utter contempt for teachers and counselors.
Throughout my k12 years it was obvious something was wrong, but because I wasn’t hyperactive, they assumed I was just lazy or seeking attention, even if it was negative, so they put me in counselling.
Now we all should know the mental faculties of a grade schooler, when they do something wrong and are asked WHY they did it (forgetting an assignment at home repeatedly, for instance) and are very adamant that they DON’T KNOW why they can’t remember to bring it to school.
Or for any reason they’ve messed up, and talking with a counselor the child gets frustrated because they are unable to communicate why they are the way they are.
So after a while they just started laying the blame squarely on my shoulders, and said I was just seeking attention and I’m just doing this on purpose and won’t admit it.
I didn’t start with behavioral problems they have gave then to me, through blaming me for something I didn’t understand and teaching through humiliation, I have horrible math anxiety from repeatedly having to stand at the board for the whole class period, because the teacher said I couldn’t sit down until I figured out the problem on my own.
Also having aptitude test scores saying that I was above average intelligence didn’t help.
High school was more of the same until I was expelled, I was tired of being blamed so I stopped going and got my GED.