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I do the same: I have become much more aware of my impulsivity than I used to and now I try not to jump into actions and words. When an idea comes to my mind, I give it at least two days of thought. I also ask my wife whether it is sensible, whether it fits the local culture. Very important: I ask myself whether I benefit from that idea or words.

Quite often, I feel I have to say or do something because it is correct and makes sense and it is necessary and if I don’t do it nobody will – without even thinking if people around me will appreciate it – and without even thinking whether it will benefit the proponent, that is, me.

This may sound strange, and I don’t know if others relate to it, but being impulsive together with being “ethics perfectionist” sometimes leads me to make things agains my own interest and which might not even be desired or appreciated by others. So, I would recommend actually being a bit more selfish – I know, it sounds a strange thing to recommend, but in the context of ADHD, it makes sense.