Reply To: To Have an IEP or 504 Plan or not to have?

Penny Williams

My son was diagnosed in 1st grade. Developmental ped who diagnosed told me to request a 504 plan. I request a full evaluation for services and IEP. It was denied. I told the developmental MD that I was appealing the decision. He said I was wasting my time, that my son didn’t need or qualify for an IEP (mind you, this is a doctor, not a teacher, educational advocate, or educational attorney).

Two years later, in 3rd grade, it was insanely obvious that he needed an IEP and services, and we got them at that time. He’s now 16 and barely passing his classes, despite still having an IEP (and a gifted IQ), because the school refuses to implement anything in the IEP to accommodate severe executive functioning deficits.

Even once you get an IEP, the fighting for your child doesn’t stop. It’s maddening, and unconscionable.

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