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In college, to get any studying done I would use a study room in the library, because studying at home had too many distractions, three cats to play with, snacks, and TV.
But the study room walls were paper thin, if people were taking (distraction) or sometimes they were all in use, so I’d try to study in the library proper (no talking) but people constantly walking by, my peripheral vision is excellent,
Meaning any movement I’d HAVE to look (extreme distraction)
Finally when I had no choice but to try and study in in the commons without my mp3 player, without realizing I started writing down what the people next to me were taking about, I decided enough was enough.
I went on the internet and started researching ADHD,I took every online test I could find and took screen shots in case my doctor showed scepticism, but come to find out both her daughters have ADHD, and when she scored my test she told me I scored exactly the same as her older daughter, we both have ADHD inattentive type.
So in one aspect I am really happy her daughters have ADHD, made it much easier to get diagnosed as an adult (the whole stigma you’re an adult so you are obviously just trying to get drugs to get high) but I hope that her kids won’t have to go through the hell I am.
Also I think it was pretty easy because she knew I really HATE taking meds and I’ll do what’s needed to not have to take them unless they are absolutely necessary, and my methylphenidate is necessary because I found out that I was close to getting fired just before I started taking methylphenidate.