Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


Call your med insurance, number is usually on the card. Ask them about seeing a psychiatrist…usually you can make an appointment (the first time) without a referral from your GP (the reason for this is because its personal and you may not want to share the information with your GP), they will usually give you a # of appointments for example 3 one hour appointments…ask them about their rules and a list of psychiatrists that are in your network and your share of cost if any….Ask for a list of GP’s as well. I went through the same thing in my late 40’s. I suggest calling the office of Psyc and the new GP and ask the person who sets the appointments if they know if the DR. treats adult ADD and if so are there any restrictions on the meds that they will prescribe. I don’t know what you are looking for but some MD’s will not prescribe stimulants and will want you to try non stimulant meds first.
Good Luck

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