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Feeling emotions DEEPLY & INTENSIVELY have always been an ENORMOUS burden of mine that I have to carry ( BPD).

Throughout the years, I have learnt the hard way. In a society, emotional outbursts and instability and thus your vulnarability is NOT appreciated and will be frown upon.

Just like Kendall above mentioned, I have also learnt to effectively hide my emotions, even though the INTENSITY remains.

I would suggest you to seek a medical help AND start journaling.

For me personally, it offered an INVALUABLE insight into what is going on inside of my mind when my emotions are RUNNING HIGH, I feel OVERWHELMED and I could’t RATIONALISE.

I was able to look back with a cold head and say WOW, this what happened to me a month ago?

Did I really say that to my partner?
Was I really contemplating to leave a school, uni over one small setback?

Your notes and observations will furthermore quicken the process of a diagnosis.