Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


Keep pushing until you get the help you need for you and your child. I wasn’t diagnosed until 2 years ago at age 50! I saw my doctor when my 3 girls were young and I couldn’t keep life together…forgetfulness, missed appts., time no concern at all, couldn’t clean house without so many other distractions, losing things constantly, etc. Diagnosed with depression! What did I know…he said life had gotten faster and I couldn’t keep up. NOT the answer. I trusted that because I didn’t know any better. I was a teacher and dealt with a few students who struggled with ADHD, but not much knowledge about it. Needless to say, all 3 of my girls have been diagnosed with ADHD and struggle in different areas. I know where it came from…ME! I have a degree in teaching and taught for 18 years, I also have a masters in counseling and have been an elementary school counselor for 10 years, and I also do private practice in the evenings. My specialty…you guessed it…ADHD in children and adults! It is very rewarding when I can help a parent figure out what is going on with their child or themselves…the change you see when someone is diagnosed and starts taking meds is incredible! Counseling for coping skills along with medication is most beneficial. One needs to learn the skills to help them deal with ADHD as they will never outgrow it. I saw a psychologist for my evaluation and my GP prescribes my meds. You are certainly not alone in this! Good luck!

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