Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


My suggestion would be 1. forget the GP’s condescending manner, chalk it up to ignorance. The GP’s job is to assist you in achieving good health, find another if possible to get a complete physical (some health conditions can mimic/exacerbate ADHD symptoms). 2. Take a few online ADHD assessments, print them out and take them to your psychiatrist appt. Invest in an agenda to keep track of your Dr appts and your son’s, or use an online calendar that you would check every night to prepare for the next day. You’re not crazy or lazy, you just march to the beat of a different drummer. A good psychiatrist can help you IF you decide to take meds and seeing a psychologist who specializes in adult ADHD can be a huge help. Most people didn’t believe I have ADHD because I could focus on my schoolwork and learned a 2nd language. Hang in there!