Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


I went a different route. I sought a psychologist for testing. Did not say what I thought my diagnosis was. Just told her about my forgetfulness, difficulty paying attention, losing things, disappointing others because of lack of follow through. The tests revealed the diagnosis in concrete terms no doctor could refute.
If your depression is grief due to the chronic shame over failure medication is not helpful. And there are a number of co-existing diagnoses that can complicate the evaluation. I do not want to alarm you. But be very careful with the medication. Were you screened for periods of high energy? Or times when you are not needing much sleep? If she did not ask these kinds of questions you are at risk for triggering a manic episode as bipolar disorder sometimes appears as ADHD. Or can exist together. Since you have had this for a while, you might be best served by waiting for the psychiatrist evaluation.
Meanwhile journal your symptoms or keep a spread sheet or some other record so you can say what these symptoms are and how often you have them.