Reply To: CBD

dave b

I am a 61 yer old male, diagnosed about a year ago with ADHD. As well, I suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder, depression (using Paxil), social anxiety, and over my life I have relationship problems, alcohol and drug addiction issues.

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed With Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, and was given a Rx for medical marijuana to help with chemo/mental issues. Post cancer I have used cbd oil, thc oil, as well as vaping high cbd strains of cannabis (with the full knowledge and support of my health care team), and from my perspective, it was of little to no real help with the ADHD aspect of my life. I have recently (within the last month) finally stopped all cannabis intake, and am now using only dexadrine, paxil, and weekly sessions with a mental health specialist.

My take-away from the medical marijuana side of my last 5 years was that it was very easy to get on an ever increasing dosage “merry-go-round”, thinking that because it was part of the treatment protocol, it was safe, and good for me. It definitely was neither, and was extremely difficult to reduce, then finally cease. While it may be of some value for some, it must, in my opinion, be treated as any other pharmaceutical – do not for one second, think that because it is “natural”, or “herbal” that it is not worthy of extreme caution.

My $0.02 worth