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I’ve been looking for some people to talk to about how I’m feeling right now but it’s particularly difficult for me because I feel like I’m butting-in on someone else’s problem. It makes me feel guilty, too, that I’m not being very positive or helpful to others who are hurting as much or more than I am.

Also, I just looked back and saw that this thread started in August… I noticed, too, though that another person posted last week.

I guess I’ll try to sum it up: I am “older” and looking back I know that I must have had ADHD as a child. It wasn’t something that was diagnosed then, much less was there anything much said about girls’ behavior except that they needed to be quiet and nice if they were going to get along in life.

Add to that — my mom died when I was 3 and my dad died when I was 13…

Somehow, though, I developed some pretty good coping mechanism. And they worked for me until the last several years.

Now I seem to have developed social anxiety and rejection sensitivity which have “run off” basically almost all my friends and family.

I want to change, but I don’t want to have to explain myself for my behavior the last few years. I have been irritable and standoffish, which embarrasses me terribly.

Can people like us get out of our ruts or must we simply accept that our lives will always be sad and lonely?