Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


Hi! I’m 31 and 2 years ago, I stumbled across some articles that sounded like me too! My story reads pretty much like yours except for j was labeled the psycho tantrum kid in school. I had a very similar discussion with my GP too!!! It makes me a bit angry remembering how vulnerable I was, crying and telling him about what was to me, a revelation and a relief. Laundry,clutter,losing things, always behind with the basics,forgetful!!! Hyperfocus, emotional misdiagnoses, overeating. I almost lost my job when I went through a rough patch in my marriage and the stress sent my symptoms through the roof.The “nornal” things like yes,phone calls, seem insurmountable. But I knew in my gut that combination ADD type was right. Knowing, and medication have changed my life. I have a 4yo and 2mo and made it through pregnancy on a half dose 2 days a week (I only work 2 days,I had to drop my hours as I wasn’t coping), and now I’m breastfeeding I dont take any medication. But just KNOWING I have ADD has helped me immensely. Especially with my confidence and giving myself more Grace instead of beating myself up. You’d think having a newborn would make things worse but that’s where my add and hyper focus help. I love babies and newborns so I am loving it and doing so well (like i did with my first and now i know why!!!). Stresd is a b**** though. I dread anything like that happening again as it has taken me 2 and a half years to get back to my “normal”… good luck, persevere, believe in yourself and look for the good in your ADD traits. And only tell people you know will get it spit is just exhausting explaining it otherwise. I saw a locum GP once when I had an ear infection… I mentioned ADD and he just GOT IT. About it being different in women and how amazing it is a got through high school and a degree with it.. and not knowing… I got in the car after that and bawled my eyes out. Being understood at such a level… luckily my boss is incredible and also “GOT IT” when I told her. She did everything she could to make things work for me… I’m so positive about the ffutre xox good luck