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Changing providers is always stressful. and sometimes it is difficult to continue a successful treatment program especially if the new provider is unwilling to review and accept a previous provider’s diagnosis. I am retired nurse practitioner who was well integrated into the medical community. My patients with ADHD had to battle against professional bias when they got new physician providers. Some physicians do not acknowledge diagnoses that do not come from another physician.
Do you have options for seeking a different provider. If not get a copy of former provider notes. These should show her evaluation process and track the progress or lack with various treatments she tried. Also, if possible, find out any training or certifications that support her ability to accurately diagnose and treat ADHD.
If you have a CHADD group near you please go to the meetings. You will find support there and possibly help in finding a provider who is familiar with ADHD.
Most of all, take care of yourself. Make sure your family understands and supports you during this tough time. Keep reading ADDitude, go to the Totally ADD website. There are articles and videos that are both instructive and supportive.
I am sorry that you have to go through all this.