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mike1523, OMG, I have been on Adderall IR 2 years ago teva and on other brand and it was incredible strong effective. Now 2 years latter and I’m am back on Adderall it 20mg 2x daily and it is horrible weak dose not work and ineffec. I tryed ever brand there is teva, malacaout,aubra,Sandoz. NEVER HAD CORE PHARMA DUE TO THE reviews

SANDOZ BRAND WAS THE BEST!! WAS The best Trust me RUSTWAS NOiT wAS GOOD AS THE TEVA TOOK 2 YEARS AGO BUT IT WAS UP THERE. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. I took 4 teva Adderall IR 20mg to feel the effects which we’re pretty good but to get those effects same effects I would only have to take 60mg of Adderall ir Teva at 1 last year. I take 20mg 2x daily.

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