Reply To: Behavior Issues in School


Don’t loose hope and transform your frustration into action. First ADHD in a marathon . Every day brings a new challenge. I can tell you are a good mom and please don’t ever doubt that. Im a retired pediatrician and the mother of a young woman of 20 who was diagnosed to have ADHD at 18 after her first year at Cornell, and the loving aunt of a 10 year old girl with the worse case of ADHD I’ve ever seen. They are both doing very well in school and in life but the road of ADHD is a roller coster ride. Base in my experiences as a doctor a mom and an aunt this is my advise: Get your boy tested and evaluated by a psychologist that specializes in ADHD and other learning disabilities. The more detailed and thorough The evaluation the easier to find the right medication and Treatment it will be. Be aware that there is no magic medication or medication dose. Before we found the right medication at the right dose we have tried different medications at different doses . What works for one patient not necessarily will work for another. Meds even at the right dose will not be all the solution. Proper nutrition, behavioral and cognitive therapy, and even the right environment at school and home are extremely important and part of the solution. But my most important advise to you is : you have to get your husband in the same page. The key is education.You can start by giving him articles from this magazine (By the way I love It, It had Help my family a lot). Not just the ones that explain the condition, but also the ones that show the impact ADHD have, and the difference the right Treatment makes. Ask him to go to your boys visits to doctors, psychologists, therapist, teachers. I assure you your boy senses you are not in the same page and that contributes to his behavior.He needs both mom and dad to understand what he is going through. it’s not easy to be a kid with ADHD. The rest of the family have to either get in the same page or get out of the way. You are now your kid’s advocate and he have rights. Schoolteachers, counselors ,and principal have to be part of the solution . You have the right to demand help. Inform yourself about your boys rights and don’t be afraid to demand.Continue educating yourself about your boys condition. Talk with people that are in the same boat . My best wishes for you and your sweet boy. Remember there is nothing stronger than a mother trying to protect her babies.