Reply To: CBD


I sell CBD in a grocery store in Colorado. I am not on commission, so I am not trying to sell anybody here anything. I can testify that it has helped hundreds and hundreds of people that I have talked to. I don’t think it completely helps ALL Add symptoms. It helps immensely with anxiety and hyperactivity, among other pain relieving symptoms (arthritis and other kinds of chronic pain, but that is not the subject of this thread) I can tell you that my husband tells me that I am calmer. I still have some of my ADD symptoms, but being calmer helps me with them, and helps with life in general!

As to the above entry, I don’t know how you would vape CBD. We sell tinctures (take by the dropperfull) and pills. I am of the opinion that the tinctures absorb more effectively than pills, because your body takes a bit more effort to breakdown pills. The tinctures mainly taste oily. Sometimes the stronger ones have a bit of a “bite” aftertaste to them, but that can be easily solved by drinking water or something else right afterward.