Reply To: Dismissed by my GP


I was in my 40’s when I realized I had inattentive ADD. It was such a relief. I hated myself every time the chaos got out of hand. Of course, when the adrenaline kicks in from being angry at yourself, you get a bit of focused cleanup time…albeit looking like you just took a handful of uppers.
Learning coping habits that are healthy is the key, like setting timers so you don’t forget what you put in the oven or even to accomplish tasks in a bite sized manner. Check out the Pomodoro technique for helping get things done.

There are also many online ADHD tests that you can confirm your suspicions with and not have to believe what your ignorant Doctor is saying. Find a younger Doc who understands that ADHD is not simply a childhood problem. It is usually most obvious in childhood in males. Females often get missed. I was a shy kid so I didn’t get noticed much. I had/have a hard time completing tasks and organization is a huge issue. We downsized and it helps a bit. I have to say the child rearing years were hectic. If you are able to get help once a week with laundry or cleaning, it does help motivate to get things out of the way. It made a huge difference to me.

Also look up all you can about Inattentive ADD. It is hard to get motivated. I found WEllbutrin helpful. I have been in school for the last year and getting A’s, getting assignments done early and being really satisfied with my work. I made it through high school but only had A or B in a class if I loved it. Other classes I would get by, not do readings, and usually hand in assignments late…if ever. I was motivated enough to pass.

You do have to advocate for yourself. Yes, there are some true hypochondriacs out there, but recognizing long held symptoms is not the same thing. If you think you have EVERY thing you read…that’s a different story, but you probably also have ADD. Lol.