Reply To: CBD


I am fairly new to taking CBD oils and now am trying vaping them to absorb more of the CBD. Orally it seems you will not absorb as much.
I am doing more research on this subject due to wanting a more holistic approach to RX meds. My grown daughter and, don’t laugh my dog are now both taking the CBD oils and the benefits are definitely there for calming and anxiety. I do not know if it is placebo or not but I am also gaining mental clarity!! Yes I have ADHD.
I’m all in. Doing more research. I buy mine from a reputable pharmacy but I have found great products on Amazon. Make sure you look at the ingredient list!
By the way- taking CBD oils has also alleviated my need to take several doses of Tylenol/Ibprofen for my shoulder pain. Amazing!!
Look at the anti- carcinogen effects…..