Reply To: CBD


I use it for social anxiety. It’s good if you get too wound up on stims/caffeine too. It’s a pretty noticeable/dramatic effect as far as racing thoughts/rumination/anxiety goes. I don’t use it daily, mostly as needed to calm or reduce anxiety. Which is usually socially. While driving is nice too though because I have less compulsion to look at my phone, etc…because my mind is calm/quiet. So it could have some efficacy for impulsivity driven by interrupting thoughts? I’d say it has merit depending on context and what your primary concern is. Prob a good option to have around. It wouldn’t be best option for being very productive id say, unless your racing thoughts were causing you difficulty in focusing on one thing. I use a vape liquid/vape pen. Apparently this is the most effective way to absorb it, it works within 2-3 minutes so you easily know if you should have more or not to get the desired effect. I shared with a friend with PTSD/anxiety issues and it blew her mind. She’s been using RX marijuana for that but finds the CBD works just as well 🙂