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Hi Eddie,

I’m going through something very similar! I’m currently a teacher and I’m great at the actual teaching part, but have trouble keeping up with everything else (turning in lesson plans, contacting parents, keeping up with meetings, etc). This makes me feel like I’m not cut out for this job, let alone trying to teach and go back to school, which I’m planning to do within the next year. I’m currently trying to find a job in the city that I’m moving to, but I’m terrified. I love teaching, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself and let my students down. On the other hand, I have no idea what else I’m good at and don’t want to risk losing a job in a new and expensive city because of incompetence. I’ve been afraid to talk about this with other people because (before I found out that I have ADHD yesterday) I thought I was just lazy and didn’t really want to work that hard. But after talking to my therapist yesterday, I realize that I do work really hard and the amount of effort that I use to focus on my work is literally exhausting in every way. I’m also here to find resources and potential career opportunities for someone like me. Hopefully we can both get what we need!