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Thank you for the compliment. And no problem giving you encouragement.

Life is too short for any of us to feel negative over a long period of time. We all should be able to go forth with as much of a positive attitude as we can, because we can become the best versions of ourselves & truly enjoy life only when we give ourselves the freedom & permission to do so. Once we have that perspective, it’s a lot easier to move forward & we not only feel better about ourselves, but we can also extend that energy towards others. All in an effort to make sure we enjoy life’s experiences & everything that it has to offer us.

That being said however, I have nowhere near the experience to fully understand how this applies to me personally. Being in college at 19 with ADHD, it hasn’t been easy. I feel lost & uncertain most times because I don’t know if I’m doing the right things to get the most out of being in college. Such as making connections & setting myself up to live on my own, have my career, etc. I know what I want to do for my future, but I just don’t know if I’m doing the right things to make it happen (outside of my grades being good of course).

IDK maybe I’m thinking too much on it. I just want to be able to graduate from college & have something going for myself for my career & future, or have no regrets.