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This is my one-hundred millionth afternoon alone.

I have reached out( in my head only )to friends to come watch a movie or go for a walk. I can’t seem to make the phone call or send the text because my esteem has bottomed out.

This is torture…but it helps to just write and then re-read my thoughts. Seeing the words in black and white brings tears to my eyes…and even that helps because usually I’m so numb I can’t even cry.

My husband’s ADHD history and current behavior has obliterated my soul. I’ve worked very hard to educate myself about what ADHD has done to him; how and why he processes info in certain ways.

I take care of myself…eat well..go to the gym ( have lost weight and feel very good
physically )

I value loyalty but I’m horribly lonely in this relationship.

Very grateful to all who might read this and feel sympathetic/empathetic.