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Ugh! I feel for you! I’m going through a relatable experience with my job. Have you considered waiting tables or bartending? I did that for a long time and I LOVE it, but like with you and the music, it wasn’t a “practica” long-term career.

You can make some really great money and the job is perfect for ADHD — constantly moving, talking, schmoozing, reprioritizing tasks in a fast-paced way. It’s a total rush if you’re at the right place. Plus most industry folks are this cool, offbeat, special brand of weird — much like musicians. I am both and I see a big crossover in personality types so you may find yourself feeling at home there.

Plus you may find a more flexible schedule that allows you time to focus on personal endeavors, you can do it anywhere in the world pretty much, and there are always jobs to be had in the industry if you ever would need/want to go back to it.

Good luck!