Reply To: CBD


My son was on 4 medications from age 8 to 14.
He now only takes CBD oil and is doing fantastic.
He has severe combination ADHD (all subtypes), anxiety, ODD.

I started him on it in January. In May we dropped his Concerta and two other meds, 1 month ago we stopped his Paxil.

We ran out this week, as I am broke and unemployed so I can not buy more.
The old wild a-hole kid is back. Excuse my French I love my kid but that’s an accurate description.

He takes 10 my in the morning and 15 at night, and did not need any through the day. It lasts about 10 hours and when you take it daily it has a cumulative effect where the benefits are even longer lasting. For example it took about 3 days for his ADHD symptoms to return.

I have major executive functioning issues, as does my son. CBD absolutely helps us both with executive functioning. I cannot afford it for both of us though, so I still have issues myself
THC, which is another one of the hundred or so cannabinoid found in cannabis, very much inhibits executive functioning. It is also the cannabinoid responsible for the high.
CBD gives no high, and does not contain THC.

People respond differently to CBD. Some people it is like they had coffee, others it makes them relaxed and sleepy, still others just feel a sense of wellness without energy boost or sleepiness.
Once you know how it effects you you determine when to take it.
It makes me sleep great and then I wake refreshed and have better days. I can take a tiny bit in AM and it acts like coffee though.