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OMG my people. Hi. First reply. I am excited to talk to people like me. Ohhhhh wow these people are screwed up the same way I am we should all chill. Soooooooooo muuuuuuchhhhhh to talk about. There are so many of us why do we not have our own fun getaways. No cruise ships big boats freak me out.

But I digress. Internally I embrace that I am different and have to learn the expected behavior of these people. Conditioned responses I find are easier to track than the social cues that create them, a reverse engineering of sorts. I try to focus on a behavior around safe people first, where I am more relaxed and can be more outside than inside my head. Do I need to explain outside and inside or does that just make must…then don’t announce you are faking normalcy…yes faking..but since I don’t get their bleeping social code it will have to do.

So now we have seen the behavior and are ready to try it out. Think Pavlov’s dogs here they are conditioned to react to a stimulus you just have to use the right one. They don’t think about everything like we do. There aren’t several voices/conversations going on in their heads. Here boy get the stick. (I am not advising to throw a stick at them!!!!)

See if it works. your friends might mess with you a little but they won’t be cruel.

Pick something small and almost trivial. I find a small smile when I make eye contact is very helpful. You don’t talk to everybody you smile at I guess its a I see you and I won’t be coming over to steal your food or kill you primal code…as opposed to staring through them lol. Happens in a group too before you can speak to everybody. Perhaps a small nod accompanying the smile. Try stuff.

They have a different culture and way of life than we do. They are failing miserably at understanding us so we have to try and get them…which is hard. Every day we leave our world and have to live in theirs. Accept it. You are different but not alone, seems there millions of of us.

I AM LIKE YOU..well…maybe not exactly my crazy is not every bodies crazy.

Greetings my ADHD sister 🙂