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Wow. Thanks so much for posting this on here. I’m struggling with the same feelings right now. I’m in school to become a teacher, and I feel like I’m struggling to fit in.

I have never fit in with other women. In high school, I made friends with all the other weird kids, and it was wonderful. I get along better with men. Less rules. Most of the people at my job have pretty weird personalities, so we get along.

But teachers, I feel like it’s a group of very socially adept women. It’s so intimidating. And I have to get along with these people. I really want to get along with the women in my class. They all are very nice and have such interesting stories. I would love to get along with them and enter “girl world” successfully. I know I don’t posses the social skills to assimilate, but I sure would love to.

It’s not even about acceptance or anything to me. I mean, they don’t know about my ADHD. My friends all do. I say weird things all the time. I’m so awkward. I love that about me. It gives me great perspective and keeps people on their toes. But, with that comes a complete lack of confidence in my social abilities.